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What Every Realtor Needs To Know About Yelp

When it comes to online reviews of your business, there are few places that matter more than Yelp. Launched in 2004, about 140 million people use the site or app monthly and that number isn’t going down.  The most important thing about Yelp, however, is how it affects your image on Google. Let’s break that down:

Google & SEO Boost:

The primary reason you need reviews and a complete profile on Yelp is that it’s the easiest way to get on Page 1 of Google.  Highly reviewed Yelp listings grace the top of search engine results for lots of different searches. For one, cumulatively, there are 90 million reviews on Yelp and over 70% of customers say they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Additionally, a complete profile with a link to your URL gives high authority to your Google Places Page.  These two things go hand-in-hand.  The two profiles should have the exact same information for maximum SEO benefit.  Just to emphasize this point, the word Street and St. would be considered to be different.  You really want them to contain the exact same information.

Having a complete Yelp Profile and reviews boosts your Google rankings.

Listing Syndication And Addresses

Next, you really need to make sure your information and reviews look great on Yelp because other networks pull information from here.

There are over 140 address, phone number, and other databases for local businesses on the web.

From Marketing Land

While most of your clients and potential clients will find you through Google, you want to make sure everyone is reading the correct and most up-to-date information about you on the web.

Yelp syndicates their information to these hundreds of other websites. So, you want to make sure it’s the right contact information they are putting out there!

How To Get Testimonials:

When it comes to getting reviews and testimonials, it’s just a numbers game.  You need to make it a part of your business practice to follow up with all your clients and make sure they are happy.

After you do that, it’s time to ask for the testimonial.  This is where I see most people make the mistake.  They ask for a testimonial via email. And then get clients sending them “email testimonials” back.

This is great! But it’s not good enough.

When it comes to Yelp, Google Places, and even Trulia/Zillow, you want them to leave the review directly on the website.  You can’t manually add reviews! The only solution is to get the end user to leave the review on the platform for you.

Want to learn more about local business optimization? This is a great read.

To help you out, I’ll give you a script you can just paste into an email to your clients:

It’s always my pleasure to email customers and thank them for their business because I realize that you could have chosen to do business with someone else. So again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.
The other reason I’m writing you today is to ask if you have any feedback about your experience working with me. I generally use this feedback as a testimonial in my marketing material.
With that in mind NAME, may I ask you to send me your feedback so that I could use it on my website and other marketing materials?
Thanks again!
To your success,


Honestly, I think this email should be implemented into your drip or CRM sequence you use after a client does business with you. Over time, you will build up a wealth of reviews that you can then use on other marketing materials.

I recommend getting reviews on Yelp, Google Places, and what other profiles you use with Zillow/Trulia.

These three places will be the most obvious ones potential clients look at before choosing to do business with you.  You can also get reviews on your LinkedIn Profile. But I don’t find this as useful, yet.  Your LinkedIn profile will show up highly when clients Google your name. But this isn’t worth it yet to prioritize over these other review places.

What do you think?

Have you integrated a follow up system with your clients? What percentage of your past clients leave you an online review?

When it comes to SEO and ranking locally, these reviews can and will make all the difference.  Links and content help, but it’s the social proof that really will help you close more deals with leads this year.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you’re getting reviews online!

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