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The Best FSBO Scripts For Calling And Prospecting

FSBO Scripts Help Keep You On Track During Your Call:

FSBO’s provide a great opportunity for you to reach an individual who is obviously looking to sell their home soon.  These for sale by owner homes are the closest things you can get to individuals asking you to sell to them. You’ll probably want several FSBO scripts for these phone calls to keep you on track. We’ve created fluid FSBO Scripts that will help you navigate a call rather than talk at a seller.  It’s best to use a printed out version of this script. You can grab your copy here:

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It’s easy to get distracted on the phone and this script is designed to quickly and easily figure out if the home seller will work with you.  The idea when calling FSBO’s is to figure out the following information as quickly as possible.  If they fit your criteria, then we want to set an in-person appointment.

Calling these sellers is also a great way to scale the number of houses you sell per year.  In our 200 Real Estate Marketing ideas post, we outlined a lot of ways to grow your business. But most of them aren’t 100% scalable. You can only have so many joint ventures with other business owners and can only manage so many ad campaigns.

But prospecting and calling FSBO’s is something that you almost cannot exhaust.

Let’s get into FSBO Scripts PDF:


1. The Introduction To Your FSOB – 

The first part of any script is the introduction. We’ve kept it nice and simple here.  You simple want to state your name and company to build trust in the callers mind.  We’ve ended the part of the script with a question that almost everyone says yes too. This is very important.  You want the seller to be saying yes to you as quickly as possible.

Asking: “Are You The Owner?” 

Hi, this is [NAME] with [COMPANY], and I’m calling about the home for sale … are you the owner?


2. The Opening Questions –

Next, we move into the discovery phase of the call.  Really, we are only trying to open the home owner up during this call. The next phase of question gets us a little bit of information about their motives and has us agreeing on a few things.

Be sure to interweave a few of these questions while having a normal conversation. You’re talking to a person that really wants to sell their property.  They will probably ask you things like: “Do you have a buyer for the property?” ect. It’s your job to keep the conversation flowing while asking 3-4 of the following questions. You can add more questions to this as you find ones that you are most comfortable with. 

The main point of these opening questions is keep it simple and get details from the seller.

When you sell this home, where are you moving to? (Response) That’s great!

What date do you have to be moved by? (Response) Exciting!

How did you determine your listing price? (Agents) Perfect!

Why are you selling the property yourself? Did you consider using an agent? (Answer) Great!


3. The Qualifying Questions

Great! The hardest part is over.  Calling FSBO’s is all about opening and if you’ve gotten past #2, you’re in the clear.  These final questions help you make sure the seller is a good person to meet with.  You want to make sure that they are willing to list a home with an agent BEFORE YOU MEET WITH THEM. This will keep you from wasting too much of your time.

For example if the sellers mom is a real estate agent in town, you do not want to waste your time meeting with them! Let’s get into the questions:

If you don’t sell the home before you have to move, what options will you consider to help sell the property faster?

What is your timeline before interviewing prospective real estate agents?

If I prove my marketing tactics are significantly different than my peers, are you willing to pay me a 3% commission when I get you a qualified buyer?

4. The Appointment 

Awesome! You’ve got someone who said in the abstract that they are willing to list with an agent.  Now you have to convert them into an appointment. Here are some closing lines to use in order to get your seller to meet with you.

Let’s get together for 20 minutes and let me show you what I’m doing differently.  If it’s not completely different than what you’re doing and what you previous agent did, I don’t expect you to go with me.  Does today at 5pm or tomorrow at 6pm work better for you?

Are you at least open to sitting down with me for 20 minutes if I can help you net more for your home and sell it faster?

Is 20 minutes of your time talk with me worth potentially netting [INSERT DOLLAR AMOUNT] more from the sale of your home? Does tomorrow at 6pm work to meet?


Congrats! You’re well on your way to banking more from FSBO.


You’ll want to print this out for your call. Click here to get the 100% printer friendly version of this FSBO Script


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Now that we have flexible collection of FSBO scripts, let’s talk through the game plan behind our banter.

When on the phone, your first goal is to get the seller saying yes to you. After you have them agreeing to things like: “Would you list with an agent if it could save you time?”

Then your goal becomes getting an appointment.

In order to do this, you can’t pound the seller by telling them “you’re wrong. Here’s the right answer.” The seller is probably a smart individual and telling them they are wrong will insult them.  Additionally, they are probably unaware of all the things you know about real estate.

You need to agree with them. Repeat exactly what they said. This shows them that you understand what they really need and where they are coming from.

Then, you can transition by giving them a new option.


The point is that people are rarely ever making a wrong statement.  


Think about that for a second!

The people you are cold calling have different life experiences and different perspectives than you.  In that moment, they are giving you an answer based on the knowledge and facts that they are aware of.

So, there is really nothing wrong with this. But you just want to show them different options.

The best way to do this is through questioning them.

Additionally, you want the questions to always make them give you an answer of yes.

The script above is really good at discerning their primary selling motives.  There is usually a time frame attached to the selling process. They probably have some commitments with their family or work that they have to meet.

Your goal as a potential real estate agent is to show them that you will help that seller: 1) Net more money at the end of the day – and – 2) Do it in a faster way.

People love to save time. Time is really the only unlimited resource in life.  Convince the seller that you will make the entire process a lot easier and you will have a great time.

Finally, here are some closing tips to help you get more FSBO:

  • Calling FSBO is a numbers game.

    You can have the best FSBO scripts in the world and be the best real estate agent. You will still only get a percentage of the people you call to have an appointment with you. Focus on getting quality leads from this process and you’ll have a much better time with it.

  • Beware of the pre-committed real estate agent.

    You are never going to convince someone whose mom is a real estate agent to list their house with you. It is simply a losing battle. Keep this in the back of your mind no matter what FSBO scripts you end up using.

  • Receptive to the call. 

    These aren’t your standard cold calls. These are calls to people VERY interested in selling a house NOW.  If they aren’t receptive when you call them, figure out what the issue is as soon as possible and make sure you can deal with it.  Don’t waste your time with people who honestly hate realtors and want to do it themselves.

  • 20% rule. 

    The 80/20 rule is definitely at play in this marketing tactic. 20% of your effort will generate 80% of your financial game. Figure out what type of script tweaks help you perform better and implement them.

If you are tired of calling for leads, check out this post on Bing Ads and this one on Facebook Ads.  These methods of lead generation help you get more leads in less time.  The cool thing about setting up ads is that they are “cold calling” for you as you cold call. This doubles your return without doubling the effort you have to excert.


Be sure to share this FSBO Scripts pdf with other agents you think could benefit from it!


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