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Summer real estate blog topics every agent should consider

SEO. Getting sick of hearing that one? Especially in the real estate industry it seems that all the SEO in the world won’t get the average agent to the front page of the Google search results. A coveted spot, for sure, but one that most agents will never reach by using the most popular real estate terms.

There is another way to rank higher: blogging, consistently.

As a writer, I can tell you that the hardest part of blogging, especially if you’ve been doing it for some time, is coming up with fresh topics.

A good method to use when this happens is to narrow your focus when brainstorming. What topics would be of interest to homebuyers? What are the pain points sellers are experiencing right now? What topics are the folks in my sphere of influence currently searching for?

Let’s take a look at some real estate blog topic ideas that you can use right now.

Audience: Home Sellers

Summer real estate blog topics every agent should consider

Topic: “3 Things you Must Know about Selling your [name of your market] Home this Summer”

Sure, the nation is in a hot sellers’ market right now, but what is your local market like? Multiple offers? Buyers waiving contingencies? Days on the market down significantly? Choose the three most interesting aspects of the current market and blog about them.

Remember to keep it positive. They don’t need to be scared into selling their home. Sell the benefits of putting their home on the market this summer.

Since there aren’t a whole lot of sellers in the market right now, blog posts that might get homeowners at least thinking of selling should be on your home seller topics list as well. These summer real estate blog topics include:

  • The amount of homeowner equity is at all-time highs. Many homeowners don’t realize this and for good reason. The media puts this in terms of “home price appreciation.” You won’t make that mistake. Tell it like it is. How much more money will they get if they sell right now rather than waiting? “You’re sitting on a ton of money” is far more compelling than “home price appreciation.”
  • Technology allows homeowners to sell without having people traipsing through their homes.
  • Many homeowners are worried that if they sell their current home how will they find a replacement home with the market so hot?
  • For those who don’t have that fear, they want to know if they should sell first or buy first. “how to buy a house before selling yours” is a trending Google search term (spiking 160% last week) so offering an answer in blog form is a wise move.

Other summer real estate blog topics to consider:

  • The home selling process, start to finish. Again, don’t gloom and doom this. Keep it light, make it sound easy (because it will be with you as their listing agent, right?).
  • Explain to readers what to pay close attention to in the purchase agreement. As we all know, there’s more to an offer than price.
  • Recommended repairs to make before the home hits the market.

Summer real estate blog topics – Audience: Home Buyers

Summer real estate blog topics every agent should consider

Topic: “3 Things you Must Know about Buying a Home in [name of your market] this Summer”

In plain English, explain three important aspects of the current market and what buyers must do to be successful. Keep the post conversational. For inspiration, check out this post at and this one at The latter offers homebuyers this brilliant tip for summertime 2022 house hunting:

“You can often sneak in and pick up a house that may not have 50 offers on it on a 4th of July weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day,” Nashville broker Robert Drimmer tells WKRN’s Erica Francis.

“If you’re staying in town this summer, then keep looking. And, look during those holidays because there will be inventory on the market, and those buyers will be out of town,” he concluded.

So, that takes care of number one of the 3 things they must know about buying this summer. Here are some more to round out the list.  Feel free to steal them:

  • This is not the time to surf the web looking at houses. Most are gone the day they are listed or within days and are no longer available. For that same reason, caution against driving around to look for “for-sale” signs. Suggest that they get a buyers’ agent who will notify them of every new listing that meets their criteria as soon as it hits the market.
  • Council buyers to ensure they’re working closely with their lenders so that they’re ready to move if their offer is accepted.
  • If buyers are on the edge of their preapproval amount and wouldn’t be able to participate in a bidding war, explain how to sweeten the contract’s terms.
  • “If you sleep on it, then you likely won’t sleep in it,” Francis tells her readers. “In a competitive market like this, you must act fast.”
  • The backup offer.

Additional homebuyer-focused summer real estate blog topics to consider:

  • Are some sellers still selling virtually in your market? Educate your clients.
  • What are the most popular neighborhoods in your market and how can buyers interested in them compete?
  • “how to get ready to buy a house” is a skyrocketing search term, according to Google Trends. Use it as the title of a blog post.
  • Use “real estate” as a keyword if you serve the following markets: Montana (the term has spiked 100% over the past week); Vermont (searches for “real estate” are up 92% here); Wyoming (up 83%); Idaho (up 68% here) and Utah, also up 68%.

Summer real estate blog topics – Audience: Social media followers

Summer real estate blog topics every agent should consider

Topic: Hyper-local Content

Your blog shouldn’t be populated with strictly real estate-related content. Not everyone is in the market to buy or sell right now, so mix it up. Even someone who isn’t going to buy or sell right now may know someone who is and may be their friend on Facebook.

Community content is exceptionally shareable. Folks are typically proud of their town, so are more apt to share these posts than real estate-related content.

Check out some of these summer real estate blog topics:

  • Americans are still feeling cooped up. Which venues are open in your market? Any festivals or other community events coming up this summer?
  • Quick reviews of local parks.
  • What is going on locally for kids? Check your local Parks and Rec department for ideas.
  • Gardening is HUGE this year. Consider posting advice on how to start a vegetable garden, plant a fruit tree, etc. Link to local nurseries to keep the posts hyper local.
  • Americans love dining al fresco. Review the best outdoor dining spots for brunch, lunch or dinner.
  • Day tripping is another all-American pastime and summer is ideal for it. What are some attractions out of your market but can be enjoyed in a day or over a weekend?

Blog about the best places to

  • Play golf
  • Camp out
  • Fish
  • Ride a bike
  • Hike
  • Picnic
  • Swim
  • Play tennis
  • Go antiquing
  • Dog-friendly attractions (best beach to take your dog, eateries that allow dogs, best dog parks, etc.)

Blog well and blog often and always, always, always share your content on social media.

Did these summer real estate blog topics help you plan your content schedule? Let us know!

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