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Real Estate Websites: The Secret Of Getting Leads

Getting leads from real estate websites is simple.  However, simple does not mean it’s easy.  Here is the step-by-step approach that breaks down the secret to getting leads online.

This will get you great results if you consistently put effort into these three things

Here is the secret formula for anyone looking to get leads online:

Traffic * Email Conversion = Leads

It’s as simple as that.  You can’t sell in social media with Facebook and Twitter pushing down brand awareness. SEO won’t automatically get you more leads.

There are only three ways to get more leads. And they all have to do with building up the traffic to your website. I’m about to break down the secret to those tactics now:

Social & Real Estate Websites

Listen, SEO and Google traffic are great. They really are.  But this type of traffic comes after socialproof.  Google wants to see your website be socially popular before they send traffic your way.

Google’s business model is built around them giving quality information and websites to their users.  They want to help you succeed and put your site on the first page. But only if it’s quality.

They judge quality based on traffic you get from social media.

Here’s the step by step system for getting more traffic:

1) Post in Facebook groups every week: In order to do this, you’ll have to craft your content around the community you are writing for. A lot of neighborhood associations have Facebook groups, write something specific for that neighborhood and post it to the group.

2) Post to Instagram daily: Honestly, this social network is huge.  Spend 1 week just studying what people in your area post to the network and then schedule posts to go out.  Read this article for a way to automatically schedule all your instagram posts at once.

3) Post to Pinterest Daily: Pinterest has the best demographic out there for real estate.  Plus, the network drives more traffic.

4) Become An Authority on LinkedIn: Real estate marketing on LinkedIn couldn’t be easier! The whole professional demographic is your oyster on this network. You can join groups, share posts from your blog, connect with influencers, connect with local bloggers and news reporters. The opportunities are endless. I suggest posting once a day and also connecting with 10 new people a day. Don’t be afraid to message people through the platform!

These 4 methods should easily be able to get you around 400-1000 visitors to your website daily.

With any type of conversion to lead ratio, you’ll be sitting really nicely.

Want more scheduling advice:

1) Try CoSchedule’s Social Media Calendar

2) SoLoPRPRO’s Schedule is pretty good too!

Finally, Gary Vee and Pat Flynn have great social media ideas

Be sure to really consider the design on your website when doing this type of promotion.  Real estate logo design and website design is really important for trust and conversions.

PPC – Real Estate Websites

After you’ve closed some leads from social media, I always recommend spending a little bit of money on paid traffic.

You’ll need to setup some real estate landing pages to start generating real estate leads.  You can copy the two landing pages I outline for Realtors here.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what type of lead you’re going after. Do you want buyers or sellers?

If you’re looking for sellers, try setting up this campaign and try this one for buyers.

When it comes to managing Facebook ads and PPC, I recommend only managing it yourself until it’s profitable.  Once you get a lead that closes, I suggest finding someone to manage your ads for you.

My ad experts typically save me 5+ hours a week of managing ads and get better results.

SEO & Real Estate Websites

Honestly, I’ve tried every backlink Google hack out there. And I’m here to tell you most of it simply doesn’t work.

Here’s what works:

1) Write blogs and share them according to the social media schedule above – Seriously, this is the single best way to get found on Google

2) Use these completely safe backlink building tactics – Backlinks help you gain credibility in Google’s eyes. You basically need them to start ranking online.

3) Make a lot of custom graphics – I recommend using Canva. It’s free and the images are nice. Here’s how:


4) Create your own keywords. Do me a favor, Google yourself (or your business name)

What comes up?

My guess is it’s not your real estate website. You see, Zillow, Trulia and have you create a profile on their site so that that’s what comes up in your Google search.

In order to catch these leads before they reach Trulia, Zillow, and, just put your name and company name on your website a few times.

Think about it: Whether you’re talking with a buyer or a seller, they’re both going to end up Googling your name to find out more about you.

Want more hacks to maximize your real estate website? Check them out HERE.

The Secret Sauce:

For websites that are just starting out, I recommend focusing on social media for 1-2 months until you are consistently getting over 400 visitors a day.

Then you should be ready to start spending money on PPC to get more leads. Finally, around month 3 you should enjoy natural social media shares and backlinks to seriously focus on Google rankings.

This is the method I use for Easy Agent Pro and our Real Estate Websites.  And it’s worked like a charm so far!

What do you think?

Have you tried a consistent social media schedule? Do you post in groups?  How is traffic?

Let me know what problems and success you’re having online. I’d love to hear about it!

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