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Real Estate Name Ideas: How To Pick The Perfect Name

Are you trying to come up with the best real estate name ideas for your business?

Below are some of the best formulas for coming up with real estate names possible…


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Real Estate Name Ideas – How To Find The Perfect Name:


Trying to come up with the perfect real estate name ideas for your company?

It can be a tough process! Never fear though.

I’m about to show you how to come up with the BEST name ever. This process will make it super duper easy.  I have an added twist at the end that helps you pick a name that performs 139% better.

Let me ask you one thing: What matters most in any type of advertising? The response rate. You want the highest response to any type of ad no matter if it’s a business card or Facebook Ad.

And your name will be on all these documents. In fact, it’s often the first thing everyone sees. So we’re going to create 25 names and then test them with advertising to find the name that performs the best by itself.

If a name performs better just by itself. It will do wonders when accompanied by the rest of your brand!

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Here’s what a former Top Producer has to say about name ideas:

Before we dive into the specifics about naming your real estate company, here are a few ground rules:

The top things you should consider when making real estate name ideas:

The URL: You really want a .com. If your name doesn’t have a .com available, you really will want to consider not using the name especially if you’re using one of our LeadSites.


Keywords: It’s great if you can include a keyword in your name and url. Real estate or homes are two fantastic options.


Branding: Be sure to check out this real estate branding guide. You’ll want your name to reflect your brand.


Longevity: Don’t base a name off of a passing fad. Think of how you want your business to look 10 years from now. The name should reflect that. This name will also be on your real estate website. Make sure the domain name will be one you want to stick with for a long time.


Your Target Audience: What other brands does your target audience love? Can you base your name on something similar to that?



But Tyler, What Domain Name Should I Choose?

Great question!

I’m actually asked this somewhere between 2033 and 2391 times a day.

There is so much out there when it comes to SEO and Social Media about real estate name ideas.  That I feel most of my time is just spent clearing up misinformation.

What matters? According to leading SEO sources, exact match domains, are now penalized by Google.  This means you don’t want a domain called

But what should I have then? Realtors should focus on having their name and/or city in the URL. I think it’s also appropriate to put real estate or homes in the URL as well. So: would be a great domain.

Now that we have this out of the way, lets look at ways to come up with more names:


Step #1 – Ways To Generate Real Estate Name Ideas

Here are a few ways to find those 25 ideas. Grab a pen and pencil.  And sift through these 8 methods. Then, find 25 ones that you personally like. After you’re done with this, you’ll want to move down to Step #2.

1) Borrow From A Brand

There are Realtors all across the country that you simply do not compete with. An option for naming is to find successful operations in a different region and make a slight change to their name. This is a great technique more and more companies are using these days. Most of the time really successful companies will have spent time researching how the public reacts to a name. This is an expense test to conduct. By borrowing their name and using a different domain, you set yourself up to build on success.


2) Use Nature Words

People almost always associate great things with nature. Copper, Canyon, Oasis, Alder Tree, Buckwheat, Cedar Tree, White Ash, Peak, Cactus, Ocean, Stream, Maple, Grove, Fields, Reef, Bloom, Lily, Summit, Vista, Wave, Pine, Moss, Trail, Highlands, ect… This is a just a short list of words. You can certainly think of some more! These are great for making a brand that can list BEYOND you.


3) Local Associations

When it comes to naming, local can work.   You have to be careful here though. It’s easy to come off as unprofessional when using local associations. People generally are looking for someone very professional when they hire a realtor. So, stick to local name associations that are positive and professional.


4) Professional And Dry

Sometimes tried, but true is a great thing.   Simply using a real estate team name like: “The Jones Team” or “The Johnson Group” is good enough. Include a few of these in your list of 25!



Step #2 – Testing The Ideas and Picking One

This test we teach you is super easy. What matters most to your real estate company? Clients, right! Yup. It’s the same for all businesses.  At the end of the day, what the customer thinks is all that matters.  So we are going to show you how to create multiple real estate name ideas that your future clients will like.   Heck, by the end your clients will love these real estate name ideas. These tips for your business help you determine what names your clients will respond best too.


So, Congratulations!

You have a list of 25 names you are ok with.

But how do you pick one?

Actually, it’s super duper easy.

What if I told you there was a way you could get 139% more business the rest of your life?

Well, there is. What you’re going to do is create 25 Facebook Ads. These ads will be 100% the same.

The only difference will be the name.

(If you need tips on how to setup Facebook Ads, look here.)

What you’ll find with your 25 ads, is that 1 will out perform the others.

This means, people in your community are telling you they’d rather do business with that business name.

On average, I typically see at least a 30% better performance by one name out of my group. This means, my entire business is BETTER because I’m getting 30% more business from day #1.

For under $50:

You can find the best name for your real estate business! And it doesn’t matter how bad you are at coming up with real estate name ideas! The market tells you want they want in a name.

The second trick here:

Is to test your logo after you have a name. Simply, go to after you have a name picked from your first test. And buy 5 logos for $5 each. Then, go to and run your test again. You’ll find that one of the logos way out performs the others. Typically, I see a 30% outperformance here too. My best logo out performs all the others by 30%. This type of test can cost you a very small amount of money.


Gives you a business that works much better. All the advertising you do from here forward will perform better. Even if you take a billboard ad out, you’ll see greater results. I really can’t stress the importances of this enough.

For as little as $100, everything in your business can perform 139% better.


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