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New Real Estate Agent? 3 Essential Lead Generation Strategies You Need To Know

Welcome to the world of real estate, newbie! You are now a licensed member of a group of professionals from varied backgrounds with one common goal: they all want to hit the big time in real estate. And that means focusing on lead generation strategies.

How about that first day at the office? Felt a bit at loose ends, right? Sitting at a desk with absolutely nothing to do and no idea where to start is tough. All that stuff they taught you in real estate school is of absolutely no use to you at this point.


What you need are lead generation strategies. Just. One. Client.


Lucky you that you landed here at Easy Agent Pro because we’ve got the 3 lead generation strategies you need to get your feet on the ground and take off running.

1.Get found

 Back in the dinosaur days of real estate, it was enough to have a business card that listed your phone number and maybe your office’s address to get found. In the digital age, that won’t cut it.

While NAR doesn’t tell us exactly how many agents have websites, what they do divulge is that slightly more than half of its membership has had a website for at least five years.

Considering that real estate consumers go online before doing anything else, it’s rather dumbfounding that the number isn’t higher.

So, intrepid rookie, job number one for you is to get ahead of the pack and get yourself a spiffy new website, complete with IDX, a killer lead-capture system, a blog and tons of exceptional content.

Naturally, these are just the basic lead generation strategies, but it’s important to establish yourself online immediately. You can get to all the other, shinier stuff later.

2.Shout it out

Old timers will tell you that your sphere of influence is vital to helping you land that first deal. And, they’re right.

Your “sphere,” by the way, includes everyone you know, even in passing. This includes friends, family, neighbors, former colleagues and business associates, the guy who shines your shoes, the lady that cuts your hair … you get the idea.

Each and every one of these people needs to find out that you have your real estate license and the best place to start getting the word out is on your social media sites.

Later on, you won’t want to be hitting them over the head with real estate all the time but, right now, you need to steer as many as possible to your website.

You also want to firmly implant your name associated with “buying and selling homes” in their brains. Hopefully, you’ll avoid that sucky situation when you learn that someone in your sphere is selling their home and using another agent because

“I didn’t know you’re in real estate”


Ok, so you’re spreading the word online and that’s good. But, you need to do more. There are all those other people that are in your sphere but not connected to you on social media. You know, the barista you talk to every morning, your kid’s teacher, the bank teller, your dog’s veterinarian. That’s where more traditional lead generation strategies come into play – consider getting a leadsite to grow your business.

Load up on business cards before leaving the house every morning and hand them out to these people as you do business with them. For those in your sphere that you don’t see often, consider sending letters. Yeah, it’s old school, but it works.

By the way, get as many email addresses as you can. Soon, you’ll start a drip email campaign, right? 

3.New McREALTOR has a farm

Target marketing to a small geographic area is a brilliant way to get known to possible leads as well as establishing yourself as the local expert. It’s also inexpensive (if you keep it small to start).

Your own neighborhood is a good place to start or choose an area with homes in the price range or niche you’d like to target.

Then, mail or hand deliver a newsletter, door hanger or postcard to every home in your farm. Then, do it again, and again, consistently.

You’re not just a rookie real estate agent, but a business owner now. And, like all entrepreneurs, you’re going to be wearing all the hats in the beginning. But, the marketing hat is the one that should sit firmly on your head right now if you hope to generate real estate leads quickly.

If you’re ready for a website that works as hard as you do – check out LeadSites. With a LeadSite, you can start putting your ideas into action and watch your business grow.

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