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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Real Estate Agents

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Hacking Your LinkedIn Profile For Real Estate Agents:

Let’s be honest: When is the last time you actually combed through your LinkedIn profile?

I know mine is personally due for an update.  There are out-of-date items on there, and it’s not nearly as polished as it should be.  LinkedIn is a great network for social selling as a Realtor.  A LinkedIn Profile For Real Estate Agents can really drive leads.  And it is not just another place to list a real estate agent bio resume.

My LinkedIn Profile has personally generated over 53% of my business this past year.

Yet as I said earlier, my profile is still due for a major update. Marketing through your Linkedin profile for real estate agents is essential. I would bet most of your clients view yours at one point in time. And there are some awesome marketing tactics you can use to get even more business from yours.

This guide is meant to be a “check-in” for me and you! A great LinkedIn presence can win you listings and buyers. It’s an awesome competitive advantage. Let’s get into the details about Linkedin profile for real estate agents now:



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Step-by-Step Guide On A LinkedIn Profile For Real Estate Agents:

Your Headline:

The headline you choose on LinkedIn follows you around the network. Every time you post, the headline shows up. And rather prominently. So, you really want to tell viewers 2 major things through this part of your Linkedin profile for real estate agents:

1) Who you help

2) How you help them

Check out our real estate copywriting guide if you need help figuring these two things out.

Generally speaking, you can figure these things through deducing the common questions people ask you. Or the things they thank you for. This is a great spot to showcase this information on your profile.


As you can see, my photo is rather informal.  It’s a picture of my wife, Sophia, and myself.

There are two main routes you can go with this part of your profile.

1) Formal Headshot: This options builds trust and oozes professionalism.  It’s a great option and you can hardly ever go wrong. Make sure your headshot is up-to-date, however.  A good rule of thumb is to get a new one every 6 years.

2) “Glance Into Your Life”: This is the route I chose to go. I feel that having a professional yet un-staged photo builds up a story.  It gives people a view into who you actually are. You do have to be careful when choosing these types of headshots, however. Be sure to ask a few friends and make sure they think it’s appropriate.

Contact Information:

I IMPLORE you to go check out this section now.

It’s hidden on your personal view of your profile 90% of the time. And I often see incorrect information here. If you’ve changed companies in the past few years, there might be something in this section you’d rather not have there.

You are going to be using your profile to market at prospective clients.  You want your Linkedin profile for real estate agents to shine from their perspective.

LinkedIn URL:

This aspect of your profile is mostly for ease of finding you. You can customize the URL of your LinkedIn so that it’s:  I suggest making your URL your name and maybe a keyword related to your business.  Most of the time, your name will be unavaiable. So, couple it with “Realtor” or “real-estate-agent.” Either option will help your visibility in LinkedIn and Google searches.

Plus, you can include your profile on your business cards if you wish.  I really recommend doing this because it helps you get more connections.

We all lose business cards we’re given. But rarely do we “un-connect” with someone on LinkedIn. You want to maximize your Linkedin profile for real estate by gaining as many connections as possible.


The number of connections you have is VITAL. Unlike other networks, LinkedIn makes it hard for you to see a persons profile or posts if you aren’t at least a 2nd or 3rd degree connection with them.

This means the more connections you have the more people that can find you. You should be sure to send a connection request to everyone you’ve met in person. It’s ok to send requests to people you haven’t met as long as you explain yourself in the invitation.

Check out our connection building hack below. It’ll help build connections AND set appointments for you on a weekly basis.


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If LinkedIn connections are how you get found…

…your summary is why people interact with you.

Use your summary as an advertisement for connecting. How do we do this? Offer a free pdf to people that connect with you. Or simply ask them to connect with you in the summary. You’ll want to explain two things in your summary. Who you help, and how you help them.

Remember that from the headline you wrote? Good. You get to expand on that here in your summary. Your summary is vital to your Linkedin profile for real estate agents being found.


Do you write on your blog? If so, this is the perfect place for you to display your work. Put your most popular articles here and you’ll get a great stream of traffic going from your profile to your blog.

You’ll want to place a notification in your calendar reminding you to change these articles monthly.  If you’re producing content, it’s likely that you’ll have a better performing article every month. Be sure to place that article here for maximum effectiveness.


This isn’t the place to put your resume. This is the place to explain to buyers and sellers why you’re the best realtor in town. Go look at your experience now. How does it look to buyers researching you online? If you were listing a house soon, would this experience section entice you to list with you?

Realtors often overlook this and write the experience section as if they are applying to a new job. You’ll also want to make sure this section is public so everyone can see your experience.

Honors & Awards:

Fill out this section from the perspective of buyers and sellers once again. Be sure to highlight it if you’ve won several impressive awards. It will really improve your Linkedin profile for real estate agents.


Recommendations are gold on any LinkedIn profile for real estate agents.

Ask your best clients to recommend you on LinkedIn. It will go a long way.  You can then mention your recommendations in your summary. This, with a strong call to action compelling buyers and sellers to connect will you, will dramatically increase the number of leads you get off of LinkedIn.


If you’ve already fixed everything on your profile, be sure to download our LinkedIn growth hack. It is a daily task you can do that will just shake leads out of LinkedIn for you.  You will find tons of prospective clients this way and dramatically increase your CRM.

Here’s where you can download our secret LinkedIn Growth Hack:

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