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How Interactive Maps Simplify The Search Process & Get You More Leads

When it comes to finding their next home, many of your future clients will rely on your website’s built-in map tool to help them visualize the location before they see it in person.

It should come as no surprise then, that agents with better tools have an easier time converting their traffic into leads and closing deals. And while many websites are compatible with simple map tools that can show you the local area you’re interested in, some tools are more useful than others.

Today, we’re going to talk about Interactive Maps, a type of map that incorporates aspects of your basic map tool with IDX search to create a truly interactive experience, as the name suggests.

How To Use Interactive Maps

Interactive maps utilize your website’s IDX search capabilities to display data in real-time. On LeadSites, Interactive Maps are called Ultimaps, and they work in a fairly straightforward way. When one of your visitors reaches your Ultimap, they’ll be told to input search parameters, such as City, Zip Code or MLS Area, using the search bar.

Users have the option of keeping it simple, or getting detailed by using the “refine search” button to limit search results based on price range, number of bedrooms, property and lot size. They can they also select advanced options to make their search even more specific.

Interactive Search Results

On Easy Agent PRO websites, Interactive Maps will show you clusters of properties based on your search parameters, in the form of numbered, colored dots. The numbers represent how many properties in a specific location were found that matched what you searched for, and the color serves as an additional indicator to show you which areas are more widely populated with houses you might be interested in.

From there, your client can view specific properties, and get in touch with you directly to schedule a call or meeting!

While a relatively simple idea, we find many real estate website are woefully under-utilizing interactive map tools, and costing their agents clients in the process.

Ready to see an interactive map in person? Schedule a demo with our team to learn more!

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