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Free Real Estate Flyer Templates You Can Create In Under 3 Minutes

Looking for free, easy to edit flyer templates for your real estate business? You’ve come to the right place.

Free Real Estate Flyer Templates Easy To Edit:

Are you looking for some flyer templates that stand out from the competition?

Sick of designs that look dated?

We’ve put together 6 free real estate flyer templates that will help you out.

These templates are modern and fresh looking in their design. Best of all?

They let you easily make them yours. You can drag and drop images. We also are giving you them 100% for free.

These free real estate flyer templates are everything you’ll need to get started today.

In order to make is super easy to use, we made the templates in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Download our 6 Free Flyer Templates Here

The templates are really easy to use. You simply:
  • Drag the images you want over the existing ones. And you’re good to go.
  • There is an area for your logo.
  • You add a nice write-up about the house.
  • You can add your contact information and calls to action.

These free real estate flyer templates can help you increase the effectiveness of your in-person meetings, open houses, and drive-by visitors.

A great flyer can get you more phone calls, showings, and potential offers.  Every aspect of the flyer should be premeditated and present all the best features.

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Unlike other free real estate flyer templates, we’ve focused on giving you a multitude of options.

There are various types of flyers for the differing styles of homes.

All these templates are easily editable on Macs or Windows computers.

They are free to be used. And if you’re looking to increase the effectiveness of your marketing further, consider LeadSites.

Download them with the orange button and then edit them through Microsoft Office Word or Powerpoint on a Mac or PC.

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Free Real Estate Flyer Templates Preview:

#1 – Big Hero Image with Many Smaller Images

This free real estate flyer template lets you display a huge hero image. You can lure buyers in with a great picture of your house.

It is then accompanied by 3 images on the left. Be sure to pay extra attention to the color of these side images.

Since these images are all in Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s really easy to add a boarder on them if you wish.

Another pro tip is using Microsoft PowerPoints image cropping feature.  You can crop your images so they fit the size you need.

I suggest putting all the images you want on the page.

Then, go back in and crop all the images so that they match the size you need.

This template is very flexible and can work for most houses. You’ll really want to be sure to use high quality images.

Also, pay a lot of attention to the title.

We gave you plenty of space to have a catchy title for your house.

You can download these templates with the big orange download button at the top and bottom of this article.

#2 – Hero Image With 2 Teasers

Does your property deserve a huge image?

This template lets you serve up flyers that really highlight the beautiful curb appeal of our house.  You can place a huge image at the top of your flyer and buyers will have a hard time forgetting your property.

You simply can’t hide the greatness of your property with this free real estate templates design.

The cool thing about this template is that PowerPoint lets you resize everything easily! You can even add boarders to the images.

I’d place the 3 images on the powerpoint where you want them. And then spend a solid 5 minutes messing around with the sizing. It will take a few tries to get it just right.

PROTIP: Be sure to zoom in and make sure all of your images lineup just right. When you print, images that aren’t lined up show up a lot easier and on a screen.

Finally, make sure you match your fonts. A good tip is to match the font of your title with the font of your logo. This will make sure you have a similar style across the whole document.

Download our 6 Free Flyer Templates Here

#3 – Large Hero Image Of The Property As The Focus

Does your property have a great image?

If so, use this template. A tantalizing image and headline will leave potential buyers wanting more. And that’s a good thing.

You want to save some breathtaking views for in-person visits!

This also sets you up for some great calls to action.  Be sure to mess around with the fonts in PowerPoint when making this flyer.

Different fonts can make all the difference! I suggest a trying at least 5 fonts. Try printing them too when you are deciding which one you like. The font you use really can impact what your potential buyers think of the house.

Also, be sure to crop the HERO image in an ideal way. PowerPoint has a great cropping tool that can help you perfectly position your image where it needs to go.

Finally, don’t skim on the details. There is a lot of room for text on this flyer. Use it! And use it well. Re-read and Re-write everything several times. Think about copywriting. And ALWAYS use calls to action!

#4. Image Based Flyer

This image-based flyer gives you more room to put various images. This flyer works best for houses that have a NOT-so-great curbside appeal. It lets you highlight the other features of the house and makes the front not so big.

Great flyer for you to test your real estate copywriting skills out on though!

Your title is at the top of the page and needs to kill it! Make sure you have a VERY enticing title and highlight tons of great features in the write-up.

Finally, make your call to action quite strong. A good idea is to write this post from an AIDA perspective.

AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

The title captures your viewers’ attention. Why should they care more about this house than all others they’ll look at?

Then your body of text works them through their interests in the property and desire to see it live.

Finally, you close with having them take action. Have them contact you or attend an open house. Be sure to ask them for the action. It greatly improves the effectiveness of your flyers.

How To Use The Flyers:

If you’re new to writing flyers, you should read about copywriting. Copywriting is simply writing that sells. It’s whole point is to appeal to buyers and help them take action.  We’ve written a post about it.

Be sure to check out our real estate copywriting post.

These flyer templates alone won’t sell houses. Copywriting will. And great images will.

Copywriting helps you make your listings and flyers more compelling. It can help you get more buyers to take bigger actions.

You should really question each sentence you write on your flyers. Make sure it is compelling.

A great formula that maximizes the effectiveness of your writing is: AIDA.

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

Read more about it here.  You’ll definitely want to upgrade your free real estate flyer templates with these tips.  A flyer has to convert prospects into people that contact you.  And AIDA can definitely help you with that.

The AIDA formula generally frames everything from the perspective of the potential buyer.  It helps them realize all the perks and should strike their interest in the property.

Make sure the flyer is very succinct and striking this interest as you will have very limited time to capture the attention of potential buyers.  Your free real estate flyer templates have to present the unique selling features of that particular house and make people stubborn to look at other properties.

A great free real estate flyer templates should flirt with prospective buyers. And show them just enough to get them interested!

A Note On Typography:

You can also mess with the typography of your free real estate flyer templates.  In most Microsoft Office Powerpoint/Word installs, you’ll have a few options to work with.

Try some serif and san-serif fonts.  Make sure you find something that matches the property you are designing the flyer for.

If you need some new fonts for your free real estate flyer templates pdfs, check out They have over 1,000+ fonts for you to choose from and download.

Be sure to download your flyers today!

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Want some more places to get Free Real Estate Flyer Templates:

1) FlyerCo –

These guys make the best real estate flyers. Hands down. I’ve tried their platform and they have the best designs out there. Best of all? Their editing system is really easy to use.

Here’s an example of what you can get:


These templates are free to download and can be attractive.  You can edit them all with Microsoft Office / Word.  They are easy to print.





3) Snap Flyers

Snap Flyers is not free. But they have some great flyer templates. You can edit them very easily on their platform.

Download our 6 Free Flyer Templates Here



How to create great real estate flyers in under 3 minutes

Do you find it hard to make real estate flyers in a hurry that look amazing? Heck, is it hard to make them look great even if you spend FOREVER on them?

I hear you…

Today, I’m going to show you an awesome tool that really powered up my business. It seriously took me to the next level. The cool thing is it’s absolutely free.

Download our 6 Free Flyer Templates Here

So there are over 30 real estate flyer templates that you can customize over at  All of them are customizable and don’t require you to know anything about graphic design.

LeadSites is a real estate website that comes with easy to use, customizable templates – Learn More.

Here’s a quick video showing you how easy it is to make these free real estate flyer templates:

You’ll quickly see that this is a much quicker way to accomplish this than looking for free real estate flyer templates indesign:

Here’s an example of what the free real estate flyer templates look like:

That looks pretty great right?! I think so.

Download our 6 Free Flyer Templates Here

Basically, Canva does all the work for you. You just have to drag and drop your MLS images on top the their standard images. Then you type your text over their text.

It’s an easy way to make flyers fun!  You have over 30 designs to choose from and all of them are free.

Creating free, quality real estate flyers is really only one of the many design benefits of They’ve got options for creating graphics to suit literally any medium you could possibly think of. Adding captivating images and informative graphics/infographics to your social media sites and agent website can really take your online presence to the next level.

Once you get the hang of it, I’d really recommend checking out their templates for Facebook. You can create images for posts and unique cover and event headers, just to name a few. They’ve also got some great options for adding title images and graphics to your real estate blog, and even email!

Let me know what you think of Canva! Feel free to tweet your first design to us @easyagentpro on Twitter!


Download our 6 Free Flyer Templates Here

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