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Bring a new level of interaction to your website with Multiple Polygon Maps

If you’ve spent much time on a real estate website lately, you’ve definitely seen a Polygon Map. These tools are great for allowing visitors to scope out exactly which areas they want to explore more of.

For those of you who’ve never experienced the joys of Polygon Maps, allow me to explain exactly what they are and why they’re so useful.

Bring a new level of interaction to your website with Multiple Polygon Maps

What is a Polygon Map?

Polygon maps are relatively common on most real estate websites. They allow a visitor to draw on the map, creating a polygon in whatever shape they like. After they finish selecting their area, the website will show them a collection of homes in the location they drew out.

This can be especially useful for visual types, who prefer to look at a map of the area rather than figure out locations through zip codes and street names.

Say, for example, your client REALLY wants a home by the park, not too far from the ocean. With Polygon Maps, they can draw out the exact area they want to live, even excluding the nearby indie rock district that gets a little too loud for their liking.

Why Multiple Polygon Maps are even better

In our example above, your new client is happily enjoying their newfound dream home, going to the park on weekdays and spending their weekends in peaceful silence, when not taking trips to the beach. That’s great, but what if you have a client who’s slightly less picky? Maybe they want to live on either side of the park, or they know a few neighborhoods they want to look into. With a single polygon at their disposal, they won’t be able to able to select all the places they’ve had their eye on.

This is where a Multiple Poly Map tool comes in. With Multiple Polygon Maps, your would-be client is able to draw an unlimited number of shapes on the map, allowing them to narrow down their search to the exact areas they’re interested in.

Unfortunately, while this seems like a no-brainer, Multiple Polygon Maps aren’t exactly common-place on real estate websites.

Luckily, Easy Agent PRO websites that are connected to EAP IDX can use Multiple Polygon Maps – Just another reason to check out LeadSites if you haven’t already.

To see a Multiple Polygon Map in action, and learn more about how to use the tool to maximize your clientele, schedule a demo with our team today.

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