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Blog topics for real estate websites: Where to find inspiration

If you’re a client of EAP we get why you most likely aren’t blogging. After all, you get free blog posts with your website.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be blogging. Although we feel that the posts you get from us are genius, they aren’t hyper-local. And that’s what it takes if you want a well-rounded SEO strategy. Heck, even if you just want to use our pre-written blogs, make sure you’re editing them to be about your local area!

Blog topics for real estate websites: Where to find inspiration

When we ask non-blogging agents why they don’t blog they typically give us one of three reasons:

  • It takes too much time out of my schedule.
  • It’s too expensive to pay someone to write them for me.
  • It takes too much time to see results.

When you’re looking for website traffic, these excuses just don’t cut it; real estate blogging and blog promotion is non-negotiable.

Unless seeing instant results is so important to you that you can blow a ton of money on Google ads, you simply must get that hyper-local and other share-worthy content (and the keywords that go with it) on your real estate website.

As we have previously mentioned, a blog with nothing but real estate content is boring. It also gives the impression of being overtly self-promotional when the blogs are reposted on social media.

The best real estate agent blogs offer something for everyone. Yes, this includes buyers and sellers, but also those readers interested in gardening, decorating, remodeling, DIY fix-it and more.

Best of all, when you veer away from being strictly real estate-ish you have the opportunity to show some personality and expertise in other topics. Potential clients find this engaging.

Whether you hire a writer or do them yourself, blogging is one of the best ways to increase your organic SEO.

Need blog topics for real estate websites? Here ya go!

The internet is awash with blog topics for real estate websites

Blog topics for real estate websites: Where to find inspiration

Conventional real estate blog-writing wisdom says that the best topics are those that answer concerns and questions from your clients. You know what we’re talking about:

  • What should I do to get my home ready to sell?
  • Are there any down payment assistance programs?
  • Should I get a home inspection before putting my house up for sale?
  • What is better? Sell first or buy first?
  • How long will it take to get my home sold?
  • How do I choose a lender?

They are common questions that should be answered. But they can also be found on a million other websites (yes, I exaggerate).

You’ll often find little-discussed but important topics on sites such as The Porchlight section is where you’ll find some nuggets to inspire you.

Although it appears they haven’t added to the blog since autumn of last year, here are some blog topics for real estate websites you might want to work your magic on:

  • A 3-Step downsizing plan
  • The hidden costs of homebuying
  • A real estate lingo and term glossary
  • Simple tricks to organize your garage
  • How to negotiate the counteroffer

Head on over to for more ideas:

  • How long does an appraisal take and what to expect?
  • How to protect your home from wildfires.
  • Minimalist home interior décor.
  • An explanation of the escrow process and the players involved.
  • Home décor ideas to induce relaxion

Find additional topic ideas at, and Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate.


It’s often said that you can find anything on Amazon. We agree. You can even find inspiration for your blog topics for real estate websites if you know where to look.

What people are purchasing says a lot about their pain points and the solutions they’re seeking. An amazing way to figure this out is by checking out’s best-selling product list.

For instance, right now, one of the most popular products in the Home and Kitchen category is a mosquito repellent gadget. How about a blog post on how to get rid of mosquitos or how to do battle with summer insects?

Growing sunflowers in summer gardens is quite popular and the seeds for these tall, lanky beauties are burning up the list of top 10 most popular purchases in Amazon’s Garden section. Give your readers a break from real estate with a post on how to plant and care for sunflower plants.


First, a word of warning: Pinterest can become a rabbit hole. There is so much to look at, to read and to ponder on the site that it’s easy to fall into that hole and re-emerge at dinner time.

Pinterest’s demographics, however, make Pinterest one of the best social media platforms for blog topics for real estate websites.

While the median age of a Pinterest user is 40, as of February of 2022, the largest pool of Pinterest users in the U.S. is comprised of adults, age 50 to 64. That, by the way, is the age range of the largest pool of home sellers in the U.S. Here are some additional stats:

  • 80% of U.S. mothers who use the internet use Pinterest.
  • 30% of U.S. Pinterest users come from suburban areas.
  • 42% of U.S. women adults (aka “decision makers”) use Pinterest.

We think it’s safe to say, then, that the content on Pinterest is of great interest to your target audience as well.

Let’s dive into some of  Pinterest’s trending topics to get blog topics for real estate websites:

  • Backyard patio trends
  • Swim parties
  • Kitchen ideas
  • Nursery ideas

Then, there is Pinterest Predicts where “Before you see it everywhere, see it here.” The folks at Pinterest have an uncanny talent for predicting tomorrow’s trends. Here is what their crystal ball says (as of this writing) that may serve as fodder for your real estate blog:

  • Japandi aesthetic (“Japanese design meets Scandinavian minimalism”)
  • Kitchen floating shelves (“130% increase in searches year over year for kitchen floating shelves decor)
  • Cloffice ideas (a cloffice is a closet or other space in the home that can be converted into a home office.)

Blog topics for real estate websites: Where to find inspiration

Don’t forget where you live

Hyper-local content is what will speed up your arrival on Google’s page one of the search results faster than anything else you post.

It’s also the type of post that your social media followers will share, helping to boost your brand awareness and make you a social media darling.

We love regional magazines when searching for hyper-local blog topics for real estate websites. Denver, for instance, is home to 5280 Magazine. Here’s a sample of stories featured on the magazine’s website:

  • 6 of the hottest chicken sandwiches in Denver, ranked by spiciness.
  • Unforgettable Colorado adventures to get Dad for Father’s Day.
  • How to explore the new Colorado Springs.
  • Our 9-favorite warm-weather activities to do after work.
  • 12 of the best rooftop patios in Denver and beyond.

“… voices rooted in the sights and sounds of a place can reveal the complexity of what’s really happening in an area,” according to Danielle Jackson at Your community voice can also establish you as an expert on the local scene.

You’ll find a list of U.S. regional magazines online at

Don’t overlook regional newspapers as well. We found a list of newspapers from across the country at Chosen at random, check out these blog topic inspirations from the Canton Observer in Michigan:

  • A Jurassic dinosaur drive-thru adventure is coming to Novi
  • Music returns to parks, gazebos, stages as community concert series start
  • M Street Baking Co. opens new shake shop at Twelve Oaks mall in Novi

Then, there are national websites that feature “the best” type blog posts in each state. Take, for instance. They’ve reviewed (among other topics) the best:

  • Grilled cheese sandwich
  • Chocolate chip cookie
  • Local convenience store
  • Place to get chicken wings
  • Barbecue joint

in all 50 states. Narrowed down to your market, these “best of” topics are immensely sharable and sure to drive traffic back to your website.

We think a very cool idea is to use the topic on social media to get your follower’s opinions. “Where’s Akron’s best grilled cheese sandwich?”

Use the eateries with the most mentions to compile your blog post and then post a link to it on social media.

Local guides are always popular, albeit a bit time-consuming to compile. Although it lacks photos (which are a MUST), here’s a guide to summer camps for kids from Lake & City Homes Realty in Madison, Wisconsin.

Here’s another from

Consider writing neighborhood guide blog posts. Although this one is quite short, it would be easy to expand by mentioning popular businesses, attractions and features (great commute, etc.).

Make the first one easy by joining your neighborhood on Check out the recommendations section for blog post fodder.

No time to research the information you’ll need to compile the guides? Researchers for hire are quite inexpensive on websites such as and

We offer up additional blog topics for real estate websites here on Easy Agent Pro.

Now that you’re armed with places to find ideas for your blog posts, all you need is someone to write them for you or the time to write them yourself. For the former, visit online hiring sites, such as or

Don’t forget the most important part of real estate blogging: share each post’s URL on social media.

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