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72 Real Estate Keywords To Dominate Any Market Or Niche

Looking for real estate keywords? We’ve got 70+ fresh keywords for you to use now!

What matters most when it comes to your business?

Leads. And it’s very hard to get leads if you don’t have traffic to your website. If you’re looking for a website built to get more traffic, be sure to learn more about LeadSites.

Today, I’m going to be breaking down over 72 types of real estate keywords you can target in your business.

Similar to my 72 real estate marketing ideas article, this list is meant to inspire you to be creative when marketing online.

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What is a keyword?

Simply put, a keyword is a word or phrase that defines any webpage.

For example, this blog article’s keyword is: Real estate keywords.

This article’s keyword is becoming a real estate agent. I’m going to help you figure out the best real estate keywords for your business here.

After reading, you should look at this post about real estate seo and backlinks. These posts will teach you how to show up on Google for various keywords.

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Different Types Of Real Estate Keywords:

There are different types of real estate keywords.

Generic real estate keywords are terms that will show up when researching in Googles Keyword Tool.

These terms are useful. But very competitive. You should stick towards the hyperlocal keywords.

Don’t forget about your slogan either! This will show up across your site, so be sure to pick something that will help you rank.

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In fact, our Easy Agent Pro websites help you rank for 10+ of these from day 1. These keywords are terms that your serious buyers and sellers will be using. They are very specific in nature.

As I explain in this article, you want to be the Realtor who specializes.  No buyer or seller wants to work with a generalist. They want to work with a Realtor who specializes in the area they are interested in.

Here’s a Video Showing You What To Do With These Keywords:

72 Real Estate Keywords:

These 72 ideas should be customized like you see in the above chart.  For example, the real estate keyword ‘horse farms’ needs to be changed to: “horse farms outside of Dallas, TX.”  To make this universal for everyone, I’ve listed the base idea of the keyword.  You can do the local and hyper-localizing of it!

  1. Realtor
  2. Realtors
  3. finding a Realtor
  4. how to find a Realtor
  5. find real estate agents
  6. how to find a real estate agent
  7. best Realtor near ________
  8. top realtor for buying a new home
  9. top real estate agents in ___________
  10. selling a home
  11. sell a home fast
  12. fastest way to sell a home in ________
  13. home selling tips
  14. cost of selling your home
  15. marketing your home
  16. ways to sell your home
  17. house staging tips
  18. how to stage your home
  19. foreclosure
  20. forecloures
  21. short sales
  22. foreclosure or short sale
  23. short selling
  24. short sale process
  25. cons of a short sale
  26. short selling your home
  27. for sale by owner
  28. fsbo
  29. why to use a Realtor
  30. property for sale by owner
  31. for sale by owner listings
  32. listing property for sale by owner
  33. selling your home by owner
  34. selling real estate without a Realtor
  35. tips for selling your home
  36. short selling your home
  37. top tips to get the best offer
  38. best improvements for home valuation
  39. process for selling a home
  40. tips to sell your _____ home
  41. tips to sell in under a month
  42. do open houses sell houses
  43. best Realtor in [neighborhood]
  44. top rated Realtor in [area]
  45. house for sale on [area]
  46. buy real estate
  47. buy home
  48. process of buying a home
  49. best real estate listings
  50. find real estate
  51. foreclosures for sale
  52. buy a home
  53. houses for sale
  54. house 4 sale
  55. real estate agent listings
  56. condos for sale
  57. townhomes for sale
  58. town houses for sale
  59. mls listings
  60. real estate listing mls
  61. mls real estate listings
  62. multiple listing services
  63. first time home buyer guide
  64. best homes for first time home buyer
  65. first time home buyer programs
  66. home buyer help
  67. list of real estate agents
  68. reviews of Realtor
  69. best schools near [area]
  70. horse farms outside of [area]
  71. best homes for [big business] employees
  72. relocation Realtor in [area]

What do you think about keywords for real estate websites?

I suggest picking out 10 keywords and making them as specific as possible. Then, create pages on your website with this keyword as the focus.  Don’t know what to do?  Write 500-1000 words about that keyword and include the keyword 1% of the time (5-10 times). The post that blog article or page on your website. You should then track your ranking on Google. Finally, I’d try to link to that page from other pages at least five times with the keyword as the link text.

Let me know if this gives you any real estate keyword ideas in the comments below! I look forward to talking with you there.

Don’t stop there! Check out my free guide on home staging here!

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