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5 Tips To Sell Like Hell – Real Estate Copywriting

Copy sells.

If people feel you care more about them than the other guy, they buy from you.  Sure. We can agree on this in practice.  But how often do we integrate this.

Look at a typical “About Us” text:

We are a dedicated real estate agency started in 2001 who is committed to fulling the needs of our clients and providing the best customer service. We strive to have the most extensive real estate knowledge in the area.

What does that copy tell you?

Absolutely nothing.

As a buyer, it isolates you and hardly ever gets read.  It is a blanket statement that anyone can put on a website.

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Tip #1 Clients Care About Themselves

The first thing to remember is that clients only care about themselves. This point cannot be carried too far. They want to feel like the ad was written solely for them. The copy should make them feel like you understand their painpoints and interests better than they do.   Writing like the “About Page” above, doesn’t convey this feeling. It is stodgy, business phrases put together with your name on it. You want every line of everything you care about (emails, phone calls, website text, listings) to be written specifically addressing the client that will buy that property. Everyone loves themselves. Talk about what’s in it for them. Need some starting points?

    • Start by writing 10 things about what’s in it for THEM


    • Focus on how they will feel when they do business with you


    • Bring up how they will benefit from the transaction


    • Explore how this will lessen their pain points


Real Estate Copywriting is all about the other person. Write every sentence from their perspective. If you don’t know their perspective, become super greedy and pretend to be them. What do they want?  If you can help them get that through your real estate copywriting, you’ll win.

Tip #2 The Headline

The headline impacts conversion rates up to 800% for our articles here at Easy Agent Pro.   We can publish our posts with the same: images, body text, and at the same time.   The clicks are largely determined by 2 things. 1. The quality of the graphics (We’ll ignore this for now. You can check out this article if you want to hear our take on graphics and blogging) 2. THE HEADLINE Headlines get people to you. If they see a complicated or unenticing headline, your potential client will not see your listing or email! There are several tips for writing better headlines. These will help you real estate copywriting. The first is the copy-cat method. If you are selling a home and need a tested headline, go over to Type in “Homes for sale [INSERT YOUR CITY].” Google will display ads at the top of the search. These ads have TESTED & PROVEN headlines that you can just copy. The second is the social copy method. If you are working on a headline for something that is more content driven and less of a direct sale piece, head over to  Type in your keywords. You will instantly see the best content headlines for your topic. The whole point of a headline is to make the article laser-focused around it. Let’s get into some tips for writing our own headlines.

Tip #3 R-O-T

R-O-T stands for Results, Objections, Time.  It is a great formula for award-winning real estate copywriting. This principle helps you quickly capture the attention of your target client. Great real estate copywriting is all about writing headlines that open up your clients. Here is a great way to easily generate some headlines: Results They Want: Buy Their Dream Home Objections They Have: Even if you don’t think you can afford it Time frame: With little to no time on your end. The key to this method is creativity.   You should aim to make 25 headlines each time you use this method. Then, have a friend go through and pick the ones they like best.   Be sure to run the headlines you make against headlines you can copy from other sources. Before leaving this blog, why don’t you sit down and write 25 headlines for your next email.  Try using the ROT formula! For example, this text found on was most likely split tested several times. You should copy it and implement it on your website. Have a contact form? Turn it into an “Ask a question about” form.   I guarantee it will get you more leads. The main thing you should learn from this real estate copywriting course is: Copy Successful Copy. It’ll save you time and make you money.




Tip #4 Story

Storytelling works. Does the house have a famous owner in the past? Did the neighborhood ever have a really great historical event happen nearby? Facts are so easy to come by now.  People don’t care about data sheets. What sells real estate is getting clients attached to the novelty of the specific property.

[Story that happened] + [how the house ties into that] + [how to rare and limited the property is]


Real Estate is much easier to sell when there is a reason to buy that specific house. Stories make that possible.

Work your own story into your real estate slogan for some extra punch.


There are billions of houses in the world. But usually there is SOMETHING that makes a property unique. Find that something, and you’ll sell more instantly.


Tip #5 is too good to post here…

You can get it in this 100% FREE downloadable pdf. You’ll also get a super easy to use checklist!

Help The Other Person In ALL Of Your Copy, And You’ll Get A WAY Greater Response All The Time.

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