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5 Real estate agent profile videos worth imitating

So, how’s business? We get it—the slow season sucks. Many agents tell us they’re using the time to prepare for a more productive year in 2022. Makes sense.

If you’ve turned your sights from winter lead gen to spring preparedness, how about considering putting the production of an agent profile video on your list of to-dos? We offer up five real estate agent profile videos that we think may just inspire you.

Chip James

We pity the other agents in Dayton, OH. Competing against the likes of Chip James (Keller Williams Community Partners) can’t be easy. Watch his agent profile video and you’ll understand why.

Trying to “live a life worth imitating,” family, he says, is his highest priority. Community, however, isn’t far behind.

In his video, James explains that his goal is to use his real estate career to create an impact. He hit on the perfect solution: Donate a portion of his commission from each transaction to the non-profit of his clients’ choice.

Packed with client interviews and light on self-accolades and real estate talk, James is definitely the hero of this story.

Combine that with his great smile, natural demeanor and the fact that the camera loves him and you end up with an agent profile to slay all others.


Chauncey Pham

One of the biggest challenges that agents face is combating the real estate consumer’s opinion that you’re all alike.

The prevalence of copy-catting in the industry doesn’t help. It seems as if whenever an agent finds a way to distinguish him or herself, the technique is quickly copied and no longer unique.

Admitting this to the public instead of fighting it is something Dallas broker and agent Chauncey Pham (Phamily Realty Group) tackles in her agent profile video. She had us hooked from the beginning.

“I literally study what everyone else is doing and then I just do the complete opposite,” she says in her profile video on YouTube.

Take a look and find out how being “authentic” is working for this very charming real estate agent.

Blair Haddow

You don’t necessarily need that charming kiwi accent to endear your viewers, although it works immensely well for Auckland agent Blair Haddow with Bayleys Ponsonby.

Allowing clients to sing an agent’s praises is a brilliant technique and if it’s one you’re considering, watch a master at work in this agent profile video.

It was the videography, however, that drew us in. Each testimonial is filmed in color and is preceded and followed by black and white shots of the community and footage of Haddow’s team at work in the office.

The contrast makes the testimonials pop.

Keeping a real estate business client-centered is a winning strategy and it should start the moment the client is introduced to the agent. Video testimonials can (and should) do the heavy lifting.

Stephanie McCarthy

Getting personal in your introduction to potential clients requires a delicate balance. When it’s too over-the-top it becomes uncomfortable for the viewer.

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby International Realty’s Stephanie McCarthy, however, admirably finds that balance in her profile video.

In fact, the family photos and the narrative behind them beautifully explain from whence McCarthy derives her work ethic.


The Boutique Real Estate Group

If you lead a team or an entire brokerage, Orange County, California Boutique Real Estate Group’s “Our Story” video is worth a watch.

We’ve followed CEO/owner Raj Qsar’s career, for years. He’s always relied heavily on social media and it’s paid off with industry-wide recognition.

The latest came this year when he was named Top Video Influencer on Social Media by BombBomb.

We love the use of time-lapse in the video’s opening, then the ultra-close up of Qsar as he speaks directly to the viewer.

In all, the video is quick at only a smidge more than two minutes, yet it communicates the group’s sophisticated brand message perfectly.

How about it? Why not make 2022 the year you put your bio to video?

What else are the top agents doing to stay ahead of the curve? Take a look.


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