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4 LinkedIn Groups every real estate professional should join

Back in September we explained to you why every real estate professional should be rocking LinkedIn. The demographics are more in line with the typical real estate buyer and seller than any of the other social media platforms. Today, we’ll be talking about 4 LinkedIn real estate groups you need to know about.

LinkedIn offers ways to connect with not only possible clients, but colleagues and others who might throw referrals your way (HR professionals, mortgage pros and more).

If you took our advice and set up a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to get schmoozy and join some groups. Here are four to get you started.

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Real Estate Professionals Referral Group

A lot of agents don’t have time to nurture a referral network, which is a shame. But, the good news is that a quick, daily stop to your LinkedIn real estate groups can net you those valuable referrals. All you need to do is be sociable and make friends.

And, there’s no better referral group to join than one that has tons of members. That would be LinkedIn’s Real Estate Professionals Referral Group, with nearly 102,000 members. As far as LinkedIn real estate groups go, this one’s the cream of the crop.

The group describes itself as a “Referral network group for real estate professionals around the country and world.”

Although foreign investment in the U.S. real estate market has declined, it’s still a pool of buyers who spend roughly $121.0 billion a year.

But it’s not only foreign investor referrals you can fish for in this LinkedIn pond; folks are ditching California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey and other states by the millions in their quest to escape the heavy tax burdens there.

The beneficiaries of stupid economic policies? Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Arizona are the states seeing the most in-migration, so if you’re an agent in any of them, seeking out referrals should be on your list in 2019.

The group’s rules are simple: don’t post your listings, sales pitches or local information. They consider this stuff spam and if you don’t follow the rules, they’ll 86 you from the group. Bill Gassett is one of the group’s moderators and he refuses to suffer fools.


Inman Smart about Real Estate

The Inman Team created this group to “promote greater networking within the Real Estate industry. Our hopes are that you can use this group as a tool to expand and grow your sphere of contacts.”

Basically, it’s a bit like the previous group, but with a more relaxed set of rules. It’s “social,” which is what social media is all about, right?

The group invites members to “Feel free to post who you are, what you do, interesting articles you’ve found, ask relevant questions, etc.”

I imagine, however, that they, too, don’t want to see spammy new listing or open house posts, or vendors hawking their wares. Much like Facebook, there’s a knack to marketing yourself on LinkedIn without being “that agent”.

The group currently boasts 84,902, which sounds puny compared to the Real Estate Professionals Referral Group. Maybe if they paid attention to requests to join the group its membership would grow.

As it stands, however, don’t look for a quick response when you attempt to join.


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Real Estate Professional’s Group

When we think of “real estate influencers,” the name that pops into our minds first is Bill Gassett.

That he has more members in his Real Estate Professional’s Group than the powerhouse publisher is testament to the man’s influence.

He is, however, an exacting task master so if you’re one of “those agents” who feels that social media is the place to promote your listings, you’ll be booted.

“NOBODY cares about your listing, your interest rates, your “special deals”, [sic] your webinars, or anything else your’re [sic] trying to sell here other than YOU!” he commands. And, he adds that “If you don’t know how to follow these simple rules then you don’t belong here.”

You “done been” warned so go join the 97,475 members of the Real Estate Professional’s Group and have some fun.


Digital Marketing Group

You and I both know that “real estate agent” doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you do for a living. If you’re a listing agent especially, you are primarily a marketing wiz. At least we hope so.

Keep up-to-date on the latest in digital marketing by joining LinkedIn’s Digital Marketing Group. With nearly 1.2 million members, there must be some good stuff going on in there.

This one’s not technically one of the LinkedIn real estate groups, but it has a lot to offer for the aspiring digital marketer.

The group’s founder, John Horsley, is also the founder of where you’ll find brilliant marketing information. Although not real estate-specific, you can learn about artificial intelligence and marketing, the power of digital direct mail, secrets to successful online marketing and more.

The LinkedIn group is an extension of the website and promises discussions covering “ all areas of the digital marketing landscape and include topics such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online PR, email marketing, online advertising, measurement and web analytics, best practice digital marketing and more.”

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon, so get yourself positioned on the two most important platforms for real estate agents, Facebook and LinkedIn, and generate some real estate leads through these LinkedIn real estate groups!

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