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27 Real Estate Blog Ideas To Dominate Local Search

Let’s face it…blogging is a great way to get more real estate leads. But where should you begin? There are so many real estate blog ideas…

Today, I’m going to show you examples of the most popular real estate blogs on the web and how to use those successful posts to get more real estate blog ideas.

Real Estate Blog Ideas And Topics To Dominate Local Search

The 3-up Technique:

Before learning about any real estate blog ideas, be sure to know about the 3-Up Technique. This can make or break your content:

The 3-Up Technique shows you that you can start blogging by basing your content around already popular posts. This way you won’t waste time writing a post people don’t want to read.

Here are 7 examples of the BEST real estate blogs out there. If you’re new to blogging, you should really take one of these real estate blog ideas and model your first post after them.  This will set you up for SEO and social media success.

After each post, I’ll give you more ideas about topics you could write on within that subject area:

Great Real Estate Blog Ideas and Topics:

1) Blog Posts For Sellers:

Lynn Pineda from Imagine Your House wrote an article for sellers called: “20 Cold Hard Facts In Real Estate Home Selling”.  This article has been shared over 1,000 times already on the web.

If you read it, you’ll find out some awesome tips that almost any seller would enjoy knowing before buying a home.  Articles like this are great for getting more seller leads and convincing clients to choose you during your listing appointments.

This is a great article! Be sure to read it before writing your next post for sellers.

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Here are some real estate blog post ideas based on this post:

1) Who Else Wants To Sell Their Home For More?

2) The Secret of Selling Your Home For 15% More In Dallas, TX

3) Here’s the Method That Is Helping My Listings Sell 2 Times Faster Than Market Average

4) Little Known Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell More Top Dollar

5) Here’s A Quick Way To Increase Your Homes Valuation Through DIY Projects

6) What Everyone Ought To Know About Choosing A Listing Agent

7) The Right Way To List And Sell Your Home In Austin, Texas

Obviously, if those stats aren’t true, don’t write the post.  You can adjust the stats and headlines to fit what is true in your area and why buyers/sellers should list with you.  These seven ideas should keep you busy when writing posts for sellers.

I typically recommend you shoot for around 750-1,500 words per post.  If you’re looking to get maximum benefit from social media, shoot for 750. If you’re looking at SEO results, aim for 1,500 words.

Finally, don’t stuff these posts with keywords.  Google’s smart.  A 1% keyword ratio is really enough to get the job done. You don’t need more than that.

2) Blog Posts For Buyers:

Shanne Sleder from San Diego Mortgage News wrote a post called 50 Home Buying Tips. This in-depth article just isn’t Shanne’s opinion either. He took the time to gather quotes from other people and compiled them into a blog post.  This post has been shared over 400 times and is a great resource for anyone looking to buy real estate.

This type of resource can really attract buyers to you. You can easily share this type of informative post with social media groups in your community and get tons of traffic back to your website.

Here are several other Real Estate Blog Ideas for those looking to write articles for buyers:

1) To People That Want To Buy Their First Home But Don’t Know Where To Start

2) How To Buy Your Home In Austin, Texas Without Over Paying

3) Little Known Secrets To Buying A Home In Austin, Texas

4) The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Near San Diego

5) What You’ve Got To Know About Buying A Home In 2015

6) 7 Ways To Save Money When Buying Your Next Home

7) 10 Home Buying Tips For San Diego

These posts should help you get more traction with home buyers. Be sure to offer a cheatsheet or ebook on your website for these visitors.  This will increase your opt-in percentage and provide additional value to the people who visit your website.

3) Community Reviews:

Community reviews are important when looking to farm certain neighborhoods. Focus on creating as many reviews of local attractions as possible.  Sell A Metro Home with Kristyn Grewell does this really well!  Her “Local Flavor” section breaks down parks, neighborhoods, and restaurants.

Here are several things to review in your community:

1) All the local parks

2) Interview local school teachers

3) Review new restaurants

4) Review local activities

5) Partner with the local news station and provide quality information to them combining all your findings after writing 1-5

Here’s an interview I did with Kristyn about her local blogging, you should get several real estate blog ideas out of it:

Keep this in mind:

If you create community pages, make sure they relate to your real estate farming areas. Whether you are sending postcards, letters, or door knocking in these areas, you’ll want to focus on the same communities online. This will create an echo effect for your business.  Farming real estate is all about consistency in your messaging.  If you are the Realtor they are always finding, you’ll have no problem generating business in that area.

4) Market Reports

Market reports are awesome for potential real estate clients. They really prove that you know what you’re doing.  There is no one better at this than Andrew from Great Colorado Homes.  He creates infographics with market reports monthly.  These infographics are great ways share this type of information.

Here are several real estate blog ideas around market reports:

1) MONTH YEAR Real Estate Market Report For Austin Texas

2) What The Real Estate Market Is Doing Today And How It Impacts Your House

3) Little Known Facts About Austin’s Current Real Estate Market

4) 10 Facts About The Current Local Real Estate Market And Why You Should Sell

5) 31 Reasons To Sell Your Austin House Now Based On Local Market Trends

6) The Myth Behind Local Mortgage Rates

The key here is making the data digestible. There is a reason people don’t read all those reports. They are boring! Be sure to use an appealing title or graphics to make the information interesting.

5) Real Estate Blog Ideas About Pricing

Kyle & Keith Hiscock at Rochester Real Estate Blog wrote this post called: “Real Estate Pricing Mistakes That Seller’s Need To Avoid“.  The post already has close to 500 shares and is very popular. It breaks down the top things to avoid when pricing your home.

The key thing here is that it’s easier to convince a seller to adjust their price when you have a written document online justifying your view point.

These articles are great for getting more listings and for prepping your potential clients with your viewpoint on pricing.

Here are some great real estate blog ideas for you to try out in this category:

1) Sure-Fire Ways To Price Your House To Sell ASAP

2) 10 Steps Towards Finding The Perfect Price For Your Home

3) Avoid Market Stagnation At All Costs! What You Need To Know When It Comes To Pricing

4) The Complete Guide To Pricing Homes In Austin, Texas

5) The Secret Of Pricing Homes In San Diego’s Current Market

6) What Buyers Don’t Know About How You Price Your Home

These titles should lure sellers in and give them valuable information about pricing their home. I guarantee if you help them in this post, they are more likely to list with you than anyone else.

6) Blog Posts About Mortgage And Financing

Bill Gassett of Max Real Estate Exposure recently wrote a post about “The Top 10 Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid.” These tips are awesome and I didn’t even know about half of them before reading the article.  This type of article is a great piece to help your buyers! It will attract more buyers to your business.

Here are several mortgage and financing based blog ideas:

1) What You Need To Know About Student Loan Debt When Buying Homes In Austin

2) Here is a method that is helping home buyers get their mortgages approved with lower rates

3) The Top 3 Ways To Avoid Being Denied Your Mortgage

4) Little Known Ways To Get Approved For A Lower Interest Mortgage In San Diego

5) Read This Before Submitting Your Mortgage Application

7) Hyper-Local Neighborhood Tours

Finally, all Realtors should be farming a geographic region.  There is no better way to do this than through Youtube videos and blog posts.  My strategy for this is to setup a section of your website just for your farm area.  Then create Youtube videos like I show you here.  You’ll want to create at least 20 Youtube videos per geographic farm region.  It’ll also help if you can get these videos to have over 100 plays on Youtube.

Sound hard? It’s not too bad. Just email all the videos to neighbors in the area…You’ll get a high percentage of these people to watch the videos simply because there isn’t much information online about their location.

Once you hit 100 views, you’ll see a great increase in the SEO for your videos and the blogs you have these videos on!

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Now that you have seen some awesome real estate blog ideas, here’s a list of topics:

Easy Agent Pro’s list of 40 real estate blog topic ideas:

  1. Discuss the top misconceptions of buyers
  2. Discuss the top mistakes FSBO’s make
  3. Create a slideshow on slideshare of the most expensive homes
  4. List the best apps to use while searching for homes
  5. Create lists of the top things to do nearby
  6. Explain special considerations for selling houses with animals
  7. Talk about how to sell a home while living with children
  8. Make a list of famous people who live in the area
  9. Shoot video of local schools
  10. Interview teachers and principals at those local schools
  11. Write the top 10 online marketing tactics you use to sell homes
  12. Write the top 10 reasons you’re helpful to buyers in a low housing market
  13. Make a list of the top myths about real estate
  14. Make a list of the top restaurants nearby
  15. Make blogs specifically for any large company that relocates a lot of people
  16. Create checklists for selling
  17. Create a checklist for buyers
  18. Create a checklist for renters
  19. List the most expensive homes in the market area with images
  20. Create videos of all the local neighborhoods
  21. Release a market report monthly
  22. Compare your market report to the national one
  23. Inform home owners how much the value of their home has gone up
  24. Do a roundup post of all the local blogs that cover things going on
  25. Keep a post or page that you update weekly with local events
  26. Create the guide to choosing a local school district
  27. Make a list of all the Twitter accounts of the local politcians
  28. Explain financing to buyers
  29. Explain the selling process to buyers
  30. Breakdown something that can typically go wrong during the selling process
  31. Make a list of the biggest/best agents in town
  32. Write reviews of Realtor conferences
  33. Write reviews of real estate products
  34. Write real estate marketing articles and explain how they’ll help your sellers
  35. Write about the best waterfront properties
  36. Write about the best neighborhoods for dog owners
  37. Explain why you love living in your town
  38. Explain the difference between you and 6 of your competing brokerages. Focus on the concrete differences
  39. Highlight top real estate photography tips
  40. Create short videos of you introducing your team

Here’s the thing:

These real estate blog ideas are just a starting point for you.  A blog can be one of the more effective marketing tools in a real estate agents toolbox.  It can help you get ranked on Google, convert more leads, and see dramatic profits.

The thing is…you have to stay at it!

Blogging generates leads and success over time. These real estate blog ideas are a good way to start slowly getting discovered more online!

For example, a recent LeadSites customer just had a website visitor find her on social media. They read a few of her blog posts. And then contacted her to buy a house.  She made $8,000-$10,000 simply by having a few helpful blog articles on her website.

This is not a rarity!

In the new age of technology, agents need to be helpful in-person and online!


20 Real Estate Blogs That Don’t Suck!

What do these headlines have in common?

  • Why You Should Make These Home Renovations
  • 10 Best Ways To Sell Your Home
  • Not Getting Results From Your Listing?
  • This Couple Wanted To Sell Their Home Today, And You Won’t Believe What They Did To Get It Off The Market

For one, they suck.

And all for different reasons.

The first three are fine blog ideas, but these are not titles.

They’re generic, vague, and…boring.

That last one I threw in for fun.

You’ve no doubt seen this kind of clickbait headline on real estate websites.

But hopefully not recently because this kind of played-out formula will most likely be buried deep within your Spam mail these days.

You need to find a better way to hook readers.

Whether the main objective of your blog is to convert traffic or leads, you have to be specific.

And honest.

If you publish “The Ultimate Buyers Guide,” you’d better make sure it is literally the most useful piece of content your viewer has ever read.

Headlines that over-promise something are likely to under-deliver in content.

You can avoid all these headline pitfalls and generate more traffic by letting your readers know exactly what you’re offering.

#1 Home Renovation Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

You can cover a lot of ground under a title like this.

But it’s still more specific that simply stating “Home Renovation Tips.”

Give you readers something they can use.

Most owners probably already have a lengthy check list of improvements they’d like to complete.

So help them out by giving them a quick sheet of additional, often overlooked tasks that they may have forgotten.

#2 Design The Backyard Of Your Dreams THIS Weekend

DIY and project-based articles are always going to be popular.

It’s even better when it’s something readers can take action on now!

#3 The Secret of Selling Your Home For 15% More In Dallas, TX

Sellers in your area are sure to bite with a post like this.

We’ve all got tricks up our sleeves.

Here’s a great chance to show potential clients what you can do.

Share this blog on Facebook and give it a boost to reach new leads.

#4 Here’s the Method That Is Helping My Listings Sell 2 Times Faster Than Market Average

This headline works because it’s not full of false promises.

A time-tested strategy that you can pass on to readers is gold.

#5 What The Real Estate Market Is Doing Today And How It Impacts Your House

Here’s one way to spin your monthly market report into an article that isn’t totally dull.

This title is way more interesting and relevant to your audience.

We all know that market updates make great filler content and definitely bring value, but they can be so tedious.

Do you really want to spend the time writing something no one is going to read, let alone care about?

Your time is too valuable.

So make all your marketing and lead gen efforts worthwhile.

#6 Solar Power: Increase Your Home Value By 30K With This Eco-Friendly Upgrade

Honing in on any housing trends- whether it be new technologies or increasing sustainability is always good.

Pair a hot topic like going green with adding value to a property and you’ve got another formula for a great post.

#7 Avoid Market Stagnation At All Costs! What You Need To Know When It Comes To Pricing

With this blog comes a sense of urgency. And action.

This is a good thing.

Delivering content that is time-sensitive and super relevant is a lot different than presenting text that suggests the subject is dramatic or dangerous.

No need to stress out your readers.

In fact, sharing critical information with them should do quite the opposite.

Especially if you tell them upfront WHY they need it.

#8 Home Renovation Layouts Straight Out Of A Tim Burton Movie

One of our team members came up with this headline and it’s too good not to include.

With Halloween coming up next month, this topic is great for the season, but you can change the movie/director to fit just about any time of the year or subject.

Layouts Straight Out Of The Wizard of Oz

Straight Out Of Star Wars

Straight Out Of A Winter Wonderland.

You get the idea.

Point is it’s a fun and unique way to tour properties.

#9 What You Need To Know About Student Loan Debt When Buying Homes In Denver, CO

Appealing to a large, yet specific demographic is always good.

When writing for millennials, you can bet buyers or sellers of the generation will appreciate any insight you have on getting around their pile of student loan debt.

#10 The Method Buyers Are Using To Get Their Mortgages Approved With Lower Rates

When you find a method that works, share it.

You can even share what didn’t work on your way to success.

Knowledge is knowledge and when it comes to the mortgage process, you’re your client’s best friend.

#11 The Top 3 Ways To Avoid Being Denied Your Mortgage

Another example of how to engage readers on the subject of mortgages.

You know that buyers are googling this constantly.

Keep your titles fresh to make sure your articles end up on their screen.

#12 Is Your Home Fire Safe? Don’t Lose It!

This scenario is one of nightmares for homeowners.

But this isn’t a fear-based read.

It’s preparation.

You want your leads to know that you’ve got them covered no matter what their question or concern is.

#13 How to make an extra $3-5,000 a month by sharing your home on Airbnb

Show your readers that you care about them.

An easy way to do this is to share creative money-making activities with them that don’t directly benefit you.

Again, the entire purpose of your blog is conversion.

The way you get there is up to you, but I assure you that the more giving and open you are, the more you’ll get in return.

As we’ve always said, you’ve got to give value to get leads.

This extends to providing clever tips and tricks to make their lives easier and better, whenever possible.

#14 Read This Before Submitting Your Mortgage Application

Anything real estate-related is likely to be a major life decision for your client.

And they are going to want to be absolutely certain in every choice they make to avoid any regrets.

Help them along by reminding them why you’re the best for the job.

#15 Ready to List with Zillow? Read This Before You Do

Another example of how you can help out potential clients before they make a mistake.

#16 Home For The Holidays – Why You Should Sell This Season

Again, seasonal posts can be adapted to any time of year.

November and December can be especially challenging times though, so why not get ready now and reach out to wintertime buyers and sellers?

#17 Not Again! Here Is What I Did To Burglar-Proof My House Forever

This is a more serious topic, but one that should be addressed nonetheless.

No one wants to think about their home being broken into, but it happens.

Let folks know what steps they can take to protect themselves and their families.

As well as what resources are available locally.

#18 Politics and Its Impact on Housing In Kansas City

Politics are always going to be big news.

Whether we like it or not.

Talking politics always has the chance of being controversial, but don’t be afraid to talk to your readers about local and even national races.

Take a look at your area and let your know audience know what each outcome could mean for them.

#19 How Renovating My Madison Home Saved My Marriage

Blog writing is storytelling.

And folks love a good story, especially when it has a happy ending.

Maybe you can speak from personal experience, or retell a client success story from you perspective.

The title here is just a suggestion.

You can literally substitute the words Renovating, Home, Saved and Marriage with whatever you like.

How Updating My Closet Changed My Life

How Working With A Real Estate Agent Got Me My Dream Home

How This Weekend Project Brought Our Family Closer Together

Fill in the blanks and just start writing.

#20 Guess what home sold for $100 Million

This last headline is actually from a recent post from LeadSite user Exit Realty .

They covered the selling of the Playboy Mansion from a real estate perspective and we thought it was totally clever!

I hope these ideas are helpful for you!

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What are you going to write your next blog about?

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