Backyard Decor Ideas to Create the Perfect Outdoor Retreat

If you want to maximize your time in the great outdoors, there’s no better place to start than in your own backyard! Consider your backyard as an extension of your living space and gain that extra “room” you’ve always wanted. Here are five fabulous backyard decor ideas that will help you turn your backyard into your own personal outdoor haven.

Backyard Decor Ideas for an Entertainment Hub

When it comes to entertaining, there’s no better place to get together than a beautiful outdoor setting. And just like indoors, there are a few key essentials that will make your backyard gatherings more enjoyable. Start with comfortable seating. To maximize space, mix up your seating styles. Add benches, blankets and oversize pillows to accompany your lawn furniture, so guests feel free to mix and mingle.

To ensure the party can continue all night long, add these backyard decor ideas to the mix: outdoor speakers that let you control the music right from your phone; a portable bar cart so you don’t have to run inside to mix drinks; and some outdoor lighting to add just the right ambiance.

Backyard Decor Ideas to Help You Find Your Zen

If all you want is somewhere to get outside, relax and connect with nature, it’s time to get your Zen on. A Zen garden features a simple, minimalistic design with low-maintenance features, including rocks, sand and native plantings. In addition, trees with interesting shapes such as Black Pine and Japanese Maple will add a striking silhouette to your oriental garden.

Forgo grass that requires a lot of water in favor of hearty ground cover and a flowing sand garden. Add a water feature to create a tranquil spot for quiet meditation where you can drown out the outside world. Include backyard decor items such as stoic statues and an ornamental bridge to complete the look.

Backyard Decor Ideas for an Outdoor Family Fun Zone

If you have kids, creating a space for them to play outdoors safely is likely high on your wish list. But you also probably want a space for the grown-ups to enjoy as well. The key is to look at your backyard from both viewpoints. The adults would love to enjoy dinners outside, while the kids want space to do fun outdoor crafts.

Pick up a few low-cost plastic tablecloths to cover your outdoor dining table and let the kids get creative. When it’s time for dinner, just wrap it up and set the table.

Backyard Decor Ideas for an Outdoor Camping Adventure

Campgrounds booked up so fast this year that many of us were left without an opportunity to get away in the great outdoors. But just because you can’t get to the woods doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some great nights of camping!

Get a little rustic with your backyard decor and turn your urban backyard into a rural retreat. Bring in greenery in the form of trees and shrubs to add privacy and help create that forest feeling. And a fire pit is a must for an authentic outdoor cookout. Don’t worry if you can’t burn wood in your area; you can still roast marshmallows over a gas or propane fire. Complete the scene with some folding camp chairs so everyone can gather around the fire.

Backyard Decor Ideas for a Charming Country Garden

A country garden is the perfect whimsical backyard escape for those that dream of spending their days surrounded by wildflowers. Start by turning your backyard into a haven for bees and butterflies with perennial flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors. Then, add birdfeeders to draw in feathered friends and a fountain or birdbath to create an ideal habitat for a variety of little creatures.

Place benches throughout the yard to provide quiet spots to read or visit with friends. Include charming touches such as a trellis covered with flowering vines or a tree swing for a bit of playful fun.

Whatever your style, these backyard decor ideas will help you create an outdoor space that provides endless enjoyment for you and your family and friends. 

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