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Real Estate Farming For Agents: 4 Tips And Techniques To Dominate

Real estate farming is one of the best ways to generate more leads. The concept is simple. You specialize heavily in a small number of geographic regions. This article will outline the various tips, techniques, and real estate farming tools for doing this at a high level. In my opinion, this is the quickest way to get consistent leads as a Realtor.

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Real Estate Farming With Websites

Perhaps the newest way to start your real estate farming campaign is to rank websites for various neighborhoods. This tactic can get you access to a high number of viewers quickly. Also, it has the potential to turn you into the authority figure in that real estate market.  I write about that here and show you how this could get real estate clients to start calling you.

Don’t take my word for it! Here’s Andrew with Great Colorado Homes: 

But how does this work?

It’s actually pretty simple. You can create a website (or get a LeadSite by Easy Agent Pro) and setup pages that specifically address the locations you’re doing your real estate farming in. This works particularly well in really small areas like neighborhoods and districts.

Then, you follow this method to rank that website on the first page of Google for every search related to that neighborhood:

If you follow the specifications outlined in this video, you can see results for local neighborhood searches very quickly. Sometimes, you’ll even rank on the first page within one week. Your success and placement on the first page can be sustained with these real estate blog ideas. This is a great tactic for those looking to get started in real estate.

Real estate agent farming ideas have been profitable since the beginning of real estate.  Let’s examine tactics for farming:

Real Estate Farming Postcards

Here’s the thing:

Postcards can still get you business. Especially if you use them in your farming territories. has a great article covering the tactics used for farming with postcards. Postcards can still be a valuable method for real estate lead generation. The best way to use them is as a tool for following up with a different touch. Here’s an article covering exactly what I recommend for expired listing letter and postcards.

For example, if you are constantly being found on Google through one specific neighborhood search, use postcards mailed in the same geographic region to amplify your marketing. Concentrating your marketing to one specific neighborhood will allow you to gain maximum front of mind presence.

Need free real estate farming postcards?

Here’s the kicker:

You can use to create free real estate farming postcards. Here’s a video showing you how!

You should calculate how often people are seeing your open house signs, website, and other methods of marketing. And then decide how you want postcards to play into this.

One way to get even more traffic to that website you created using method one, is to have a domain that is specific to that neighborhood.  Your neighborhood specific URL on the postcard only mailed to that neighborhood will receive a larger response rate.

You can capture more of these leads by using a welcome gate like this one:

This welcome gate will be shown to first time visitors on your website.

And it can really start capturing more leads today for you!  You’ll be able to build a database of buyers and sellers looking to do business in that specific neighborhood in no time!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to setup this welcome gate: You’ll need Leadpages to do this.

Real Estate Farming And Relationship Marketing

It’s no surprise that relationship marketing is a huge part of real estate farming.  Relationships are the foundation of every real estate transition.  It doesn’t matter if you build them through social media, blogging, or calling.

Relationships and trust are the only sustainable ways to grow.

The neat thing about real estate farming is that you have a laser focused way to do this relationship building. You can become intimately connected to the leaders in the neighborhoods and areas you specialize in. This will get you referrals and also get you unique opportunities. There will be opportunities to build SEO backlinks with websites from local associations. And you can partner with other local businesses in those neighborhoods to support each other.

Wondering How To Farm In Real Estate?


Real estate farming is just the practice of focusing on a very specific region.

How much land does a farmer start out with?

They probably start with one small area, make it successful, and then buy more land.

This is the same in real estate.

You’ll want to start out your career in real estate by farming one very specific region. After you are the master of that neighborhood or school district, then you can move onto another area.

Hopefully, this answers your question about how to farm in real estate! Comment below if you have more questions!

Real Estate Farming Letters

Here’s the deal:

When it comes to real estate farming, it’s all about consistently being the expert.

Here are some scripts and real estate farming letters to help inform members of your farming communities of your success:

The Just Listed Letter or Script:

“Hi, I’m Jane Doe with XZY Real Estate, and your neighbor’s home was just listed by us. Have you seen the sign in the front yard?” Pause and wait for them to respond: “Awesome! Well, our real estate company is 100% committed to trying everything to get listings sold, and we know that majority of the time a purchaser of a new listing is often a friend of someone in the community. Do you know of anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the near future?”

The Sold Script And Real Estate Farming Letter:

“Hi again! It’s Jane Doe with XZY Real Estate calling back, and I’m excited to say that your neighbor’s home was just sold. But there is a problem.  I’ve generated so much interest while marketing their home that there are now several very motivated buyers wanting to move into this neighborhood. Do you know of anyone considering selling their property in the near future?”

These scripts and real estate farming letters should help you reach out to more people in the community.

And generate business for your team!

Real Estate Farming Through Social Media

Finally, when it comes to social media you can really do some creative things. The first thing I would do is create a Pinterest board for that local neighborhood.  Fill up that board and invite others from the community to join the board.  With a few photos and adding the right people, you can get some major activity on the board. This use this guide to get real estate leads off of Pinterest.

Next, I’d focus on Instagram and create a specialized account for that area.  People love to look at things that are local to them. You can automatically post to Instagram with this strategy. Be sure to focus on being neighborhood specific!

I’d also really focus on setting up queries on Twitter.  You can scan Twitter for tweets close to a current location and also search Twitter for Tweets with your neighborhoods name. I’d do both of these things regularly and reply to all the locals that seem to be using this network.  Here’s a guide on how to automate this process.

Finally, I’d use blogging and this social media schedule to share my content about the community. Don’t forget about Youtube and the power of video. Simple video tours of neighborhood features can go a long way towards getting you leads online!

Real estate farming for agents explained:

Did you read this whole article and not quite get why Realtors would like to do farming?

Here’s the deal:

You probably have a limited marketing budget or plan.

Those resources are a lot more effective if they are applied in a concentrated manner.

Look at this map for example, it explains real estate agent farming in a nutshell:


What do you think? How are you going to start real estate farming? Let me know in the comments below!

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Additional Resources: 

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