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Will it EVER end? 5 Ways to Keep Real Estate Agent Motivation Until Spring

Even on a good day, real estate agent motivation can wane. This can be a difficult business. But in many markets, winter can put a fine point on the challenges.

Feast or famine – it’s the nature of the real estate beast. Yes, business is cyclical and, yes, real estate veterans know to be prepared for the down times.

But, sometimes, all the preparation in the world won’t cure that feeling of being at loose ends when your business goes from supersonic to snail’s pace.

The weather doesn’t help either. Less sunshine and cold temperatures do little to help lift our moods and give us a reason to put our feet on the floor every morning.

It’s coming – the end of the real estate doldrums – and we’ve come up with some ideas to help you deal with them for just a little longer. Here’s the real estate agent motivation you need.

1. Just keep swimming

“When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do?” Dory asks Marlin in “Finding Nemo. “Just keep swimming.”

Motivational coach Tony Robbins calls this “action.”

“Action is the key to everything,” he says. “Even if you take the wrong action, if you keep changing your approach, you can succeed in anything.”

Even a slow market

So, you don’t have buyers wanting to see homes for sale or you aren’t taking listings at the same rate you were just a few months ago. Take one small step – one action every day can move you from paralyzed to motivated.

2. Get out of the office

 Studies show that changing your environment can lead to “a burst of fresh thinking and increased drive,” according to Samuel R. Sommers, Tufts University associate professor of psychology.

 Get out of the office (even if it’s a home office) for a few hours every day. Work from Starbucks, the library or, if the weather is conducive, a park.

Take a former client to lunch or meet up with other agents for cocktails at the end of the day.

Breaking up the routine opens your mind to entertain ways to remain productive during the down time.

3. What are you streaming?

Motivation can come from music, books and videos as well. Set aside some time every day to catch the motivation bug from some of the best coaches on earth, both past and present.

The late Zig Ziglar’s classic “Better than Good: Creating a Life you can’t wait to Live,” will pump you up to new heights.

Gary Keller’s “Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times” is at the top of our list of books to curl up with at night.

In the car, it’s always Tony Robbins, especially “Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement.” Sure, it’s old, but it’s still quite effective at kicking our motivation into high gear.

4. Get back to your basics

Think back on your career to a time when business was booming. What were you doing then that brought you results? For instance, if it was FSBOs that brought in the money, go after them again. Set a goal around the activity, such as getting one FSBO listing a month.

If nothing else, you’ll polish your listing presentation to perfection

Or, consider working on reaching out to your sphere and past clients.

5. Realize that pain is a motivator

Even greater than pleasure, according to Robbins. He teaches his clients that we seek action to move away from pain toward pleasure.

If you’ve been in this business for any time at all, you know there can be plenty of pain – if you can transform that into motivation, you’ve got a lock on success!

What sort of real estate agent motivation is driving you? What goal have you set for yourself and your business that would bring the most pain if you don’t achieve it?

Robbins suggests that instead of focusing on the pleasure we feel by avoiding the more distasteful activities required to reach the goal, we should focus on the pain we’ll feel if we don’t achieve it.

Cold calling comes to mind here – the ultimate in real estate agent motivation

Now that you have some down-time, focus on obtaining that goal, even if you take small steps every week. Motivation will build every time you move closer to achieving it.

“There’s a warrior in you,” Robbins says. “The warrior is the one who can face anything and storm through it.”

Storm through the “pain” of picking up the phone to prospect and reaching out to angry homeowners whose listings have expired.

Put your feet on the floor every morning, consistently. Before you know it, spring will be here.

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